Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Bova?
Bova is a brand of the BBF Group, the largest manufacturer of safety footwear in Africa. Over a million pairs of Bova Safety shoes are manufacturerd each year for South African workers. The Bova range is designed to not compromise on safety or cost-effectivness

Are you an official distributor?
Yes, Libertsons has been a distributor for Beier Footwear who manufacture the Bova brand for 20 years. Beier Footwear become part of of the BBF group in 2016. Our official oppointment letter is here which means that when you deal with us we deal with the factory on your behalf

How quickly will my stock arrive?
This is dependant on the products and the volumes you order. We keep most major styles on the shelf for smaller orders which will be dispatched within 24 hours. Where we do not have stock and orders over 100 pairs we may need to obtain additional stock from the factory. This usually takes 5 days. In rare cases the factory may not have stock and they are waiting for it to be manufactured. In this case we will notify you and either refund you or offer you an alternate.

See the picking and packing process below


I have a tender - can you help me with it?
If Bova shoes are specified we will most certainly assist you with filling in the tender documents. Please mail tenders@bovadistributor.co.za

What about local content?
If you are dealing with a government department then usually local content is specified. This is good news as you are supporting local industry and Bova Footwear is manufactured in Durban. If you need assistance with filling in a local content declaration then please mail tenders@bovadistributor.co.za

What are the costs for transport?
Delivery is free for end-users. If you are buying for yourself or for your company then we pay for the delivery to you via courier. If you are purchasing for resale then we ask that you split the cost of delivery with us.

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